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On India’s 72nd Independence Day, authors talk about the one thing they appreciate having the freedom to do, and what they would like to be free of

Updated: Aug 14, 2018 17:47:07

By Anjali Shetty

Aditya Kripalani is glad to have the freedom to write about is sexuality

Authors are grateful for the creative liberty that independent India gives them, as they can today write easy, entertaining reads as well as deep analyses of controversial issues. However, not everything is all bright and sunny for the modern Indian author. We spoke with a few authors to get their take on what they appreciate and certain factors that need to be done away with to help authors flourish.

Aditya Kripalani

The one thing I’d love to have the freedom to talk about is politics. We can learn from the West how to have an opinion on the prime minister. It’s just a point of view. And I’d love to just be able to air my views publicly. The one thing I’m glad to have the freedom to write about is sexuality. Gender and gender roles are something that I’m glad I’ve had the freedom to talk about.

Balendu Dwivedi

Balendu Dwivedi with author Taslima Nasrin

On this occasion, I want to write about freedom of expression. In my opinion if there are healthy and impartial opinions or criticism aired by anyone, the government should protect them from harm.It is a sign of real and transparent democracy. To me, having freedom is enough to make me happy, because a lot of people in other countries don't have the freedom we take for granted. I think, if people realised how lucky they are, they would have more respect for military veterans and support them more. So, think for a moment: are you unlucky or are you just feeling bad for yourself? Think about the kids and adults who don't have freedom. So, support the veterans who have risked their lives and fought for your freedom every day.

Manjiri Prabhu

Manjiri Prabhu

As a mainstream author, I have always written from my heart, responding to the call of creative craving, at my own pace and with my own set of rules as well as my gut instinct. In that sense, I have had full freedom to choose my characters, plots, backdrops and messages. I have also always written as an empowered ‘person’ without bowing to the stereotypical writing sometimes expected from women writers. I look forward to continuing my work in the same free vein — sharing my ideas, thoughts and imagination in the guise of thrillers, mystery and suspense novels with a dash of romance. Having said that, on this Independence Day, I wish all writers the freedom to express themselves, to tell their stories as they wish and the messages they wish to share.

Mukta Kamplikar

Mukta Kamplikar

I would like the freedom to state my view — simply and “AS IS” without fear. As a writer I would like to liberate all those untold stories inside me so that I am able to write the book that wants to be written. I would like to liberate the most important stories that are the hardest to say: those painfully honest ones that lie closest to the heart . When I write, I have the freedom to relive the moment I am writing about and feel it twice and many times over, and then seamlessly travel between the past and the present. I have the freedom to find the right word — just that right one — and say it very simply so it can touch many lives. I cherish the freedom of expression enshrined in our constitution.

First Published: Aug 14, 2018 17:45:50


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