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Personal Agenda with Ankur Tewari: “The most difficult part of having a band is organising the rehearsals!”

The singer-songwriter and music supervisor also talks about his Gully Boy experience, and reveals that one song he is tired of playing at gigs

Updated: Dec 15, 2019 00:49 IST

By Ananya Ghosh, Hindustan Times

Ankur Tewari, who is part of the indie band Ankur & The Ghalat Family, was the music supervisor for Gully Boy’s 18-song soundtrack (Prarthna Singh)

If music had a chemical formula what would it be?


Who is the most underrated indie artist in India?

Dub Sharma.

And the most overrated one...?

Dhinchak Pooja

Ankur’s bio

Date of birth: February 5
Sun sign: Aquarius
Place of birth: Brussels
School/college: St. Gabriel’s Academy, Roorkie
First break: Singing Sabse Peeche Hum Khade
High point of your life: When I heard my first recorded song in a movie theatre
Low point of your life:When all the record labels rejected my demos as they weren’t pop enough

If you had to save three things from a burning house, what would they be?

My guitars, laptop and the gas cylinder (this actually happened!).

Your first memory of writing a song...?

Random rhymes on Part Time Lover

Name one constant muse for your music.

Monica Bellucci.

One millennial term/word you have recently learnt...?

‘Yaas’... I always thought it was not spelt correctly!

If you could time travel, what era you would like to live in and what is that one thing you would definitely do:

1964-68. Attend a Beatles gig

On Ankur’s phone

Most used app: Instagram
First song on your Spotify: Happens To The Heart by Leonard Cohen
Last app you check before going to bed: WhatsApp
Most used filter on Instagram: Rise
Least used app on your phone:
Find my phone

What’s the last show you binge-watched?


Tell us the last thing you googled.

The ticket link to my last show.

One habit of yours that you want to get rid of...?

Sleeping next to my phone.

An advice you would have given your 10-year-old self...?

Every setback is an opportunity.

What are the three things nobody knows about you ?

I don’t like dessert, I am usually on time and I do smile.

If you are home alone, what you are most likely to be caught doing?


One thing you have most recently discovered about yourself...?

I can’t match names with faces from the past.

What would the title of your biography be if you ever wrote one?

Ek Hota Tha Koi.

One song of yours that you are tired of playing at gigs...?


A secret skill you have…?

I can read minds or maybe not. It shall remain a secret.

What’s the most difficult thing about having a band?

Organising the rehearsals!

And the most difficult thing about the Gully Boy experience?

The anxiousness of uncertainty.

Which words must Bollywood lyricists totally drop while writing a love song?

Safar and manzil.

Your favourite word to use in a song...?


Describe yourself in a hashtag.


And your alter ego in a hashtag...?


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From HT Brunch, December 15, 2019

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