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Want to live for 100 years? Follow these diet tips to stay healthy, strong

Your diet is the key to a long, healthy life. Fresher food, cutting down on the number of meals and your fat balance, all these contribute towards your overall fitness and strength.

Updated: May 08, 2018 08:47 IST

By Kabir Bhandari, Hindustan Times

The quality of your diet is very critical to your long life. (Shutterstock)

Fitness, weight loss, dieting or a mix of these - can these help a person live a 100 years? Or at least have a reasonably long and healthy life? A study conducted among people over the age of 90 years in a few Italian villages showed they had certain traits in common, like stubbornness and resilience.

The study, published in International Psychogeriatrics, got the response of 29 villagers from Italy’s Cilento region on subjects such as migration, traumatic events and their beliefs.

A positive attitude and stubbornness were found to be common traits in those that lived past the age of 90. ( Shutterstock )

But apart from these, there are lots of factors one needs to look into, to live a long life. Diet forms a very important part of the scheme.

With respect to diet, we spoke to a few experts and they gave us 4 dietary things we need to take note of:

Fat balance

“There are good and bad fats. We need a regular dose of good fats, also known as unsaturated fats, in order to burn more fat. These are natural energy capsules which help improve your energy levels,” said Dr Manoj Kutteri, wellness director at Atmantan, Pune.

If you are on a workout schedule, good fats pump more energy into your performance by increasing your endurance levels. To increase your consumption of good fats, have foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids including salmon, fish oil, olive oil and nuts.

More fresh food

The primary principle of living a healthier life is to eat fresh food. It will immediately reduce your body exposure to chemicals found in processed foods, some of which we are not even really aware of.

“By relying on a processed food diet, we risk our lives to chronic inflammation. In other words, we risk our immunity response, thus allowing inflammation, which increases the risk of diseases like cancer. So, you should eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water,” advises Dr Kutteri.

The more fresh food you have, the better it will be for you. ( Shutterstock )

Fewer meals

Eating fewer meals promotes healthier ageing since it protects your body’s cells from any harmful effects or deterioration. It also reduces the risk of cancer, according to some medical studies.

“Eating less may not appeal to many people, but having fewer, smaller meals in a day might work perfectly by increasing the level of cell cycling and cellular repair mechanisms in your body. Through continuous cell recycling, nutrients are effectively fed and reused in your body, thus making for a healthier and longer life,” says Ramesh Gajria, founder of TranMe app.


Fasting helps you live longer as it helps eliminate toxins from your body, only after it starts burning the reserve fat. Fasting for 24 hours can reduce your sugar levels in the muscles and the liver, thus helping you lose more fat but with caution, so that the muscle breakdown does not happen.

“Fasting once in a while is good because you let your body rest by eating less food. This happens because your body experiences less digestive burn and increased physical rest, activating your natural resources for detoxification,” explains Gajria.

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