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Cockroach milk may be the hottest health food trend you didn’t know existed

Soy milk and almond milk have been around for a while now, but new milks, like cockroach milk, are being hailed as superfoods. Here’s what you need to know about cockroach milk and if it’s even necessary?

Updated: May 23, 2018 16:20:11

By Sanya Panwar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

It may seem like cockroach milk has its benefits, but is it the most nutritious option? (Shutterstock)

Move over, soy milk and oats milk, because cockroach milk is here. If you’re scowling in disbelief or skepticism right now, we don’t blame you. Cockroach milk? Since when does cockroach (an insect) produce milk?

Since new research found that cockroach milk, nutrient-rich milk crystals found inside the Pacific Beetle cockroach — used as food for cockroach infants — could be beneficial to humans.

How cockroach milk is good for you

Cockroach milk is thought to be a powerhouse of nutrients, according to a study published in the Journal of the International Union of Crystallography. It boasts four times as much protein as cow’s milk, three times more than buffalo milk, but also contains essential amino acids that promote cell growth, lipids that keep our bodies healthy, and sugars that fuel energy.

“The crystals are like a complete food - they have proteins, fats and sugars. If you look into the protein sequences, they have all the essential amino acids,” Sanchari Banerjee, a researcher said, back in 2016.

How do you consume cockroach milk?

Clearly milking a cockroach isn’t the most feasible option. Inverse reports that cockroach milk has a more viable future as a pill, and that form might not be too far off in the future, though it would probably take somewhere in the ballpark of 100 cockroaches to produce a pill.

Almond milk is made from ground almonds and is lower in calories than other milks as long as it is unsweetened. (Shutterstock)

But do you really need cockroach milk?

It may seem like cockroach milk has its benefits, but is it the most nutritious option?

The exact concentration of nutrients in this ‘healthy’ milk are unknown, hence Kolkata-based general physician Dr Shayan Dasgupta won’t call it a ‘wonder drink’.

Instead if you are looking to try new versions, Dr Dasgupta says, “If its is low calories you’re after, almond milk is your match, but if you are after the milk that’s nutritionally rich, cow’s milk is still the best choice.”

Is cockroach milk good for your beauty regimen?

The levels of growth hormone in cockroach milk are unknown, but there is evidence that shows that growth hormones may exacerbate acne in certain individuals, Marie Claire reports.

“The high levels of sugar may make it a poor choice in terms of skin health and beauty, as we know that high-sugar diets actually accelerate skin aging. However, protein and fat are vital components of good hair and nails, and this particular liquid may make getting optimal levels of both things much easier,” Rachel Nazarian from Schweiger Dermatology Group told Marie Claire.

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