Iron Man will absolutely die: New Avengers 4 theory will make you weep prematurely

While rumours about Iron Man’s death in Avengers 4 aren’t new, here’s a new video that suggests that all the clues pointing to Tony Stark’s demise were there in Avengers: Infinity War.

Updated: Sep 09, 2018 18:56:32

By HT Correspondent

Robert Downey Jr has apparently already moved on from the MCU. He’s set up two major movies for the next two years.

While Marvel protects the secrets of Avengers 4 with actual Tony Stark-level security (no joke, it has been rumoured that they have facial recognition on the doors of their offices), a new video theorises that Iron Man ‘will absolutely die’ in the upcoming Marvel movie.

In a video posted by the popular CinemaWins channel, the host suggests that not only will Tony die (for good) in Avengers 4, but that the signs were there for everyone to see in Avengers: Infinity War. The video says that Stark will ‘most likely’ die ‘in some sacrificial way similar to what he attempted to do in the first Avengers.’


Marvel fans would remember that Tony had attempted to fly a nuclear weapon into outer space to save New York in the first film, fully aware that it was going to be a suicide mission. He survived, but in doing so managed to attract the attention of Thanos, thereby setting them on a collision course that will likely come to a head in Avengers 4.

To back his theory up, the host presents many points. The first includes Doctor Strange, who foresaw 14 million outcomes to the Avengers fight with Thanos, and concluded that they’d win in only one. “Strange needed (Tony) alive more than he needed Thanos to not snap. That one-in-fourteen-million-winning scenario must not work without Iron Man.”

The host says that signs pointing to Iron Man’s eventual death were present all over Infinity War, starting from “the fact that Iron Man got so much screen time” in the film. His larger arc in Infinity War as compared to the relatively less screen time given to Captain America suggests that the ratio will be reversed in Avengers 4.

“His engagement to Pepper and the talk of kids is all meant to make you feel his death even more,” the video says. “The other huge clue is that his suit is way overpowered now.” Iron Man was the only one who went toe-to-toe with Thanos in the film, even though it had been established that Thanos was powerful enough to send Hulk scurrying away.

The video also goes on to say that Tony will be the only major character to die in the film, simply because Marvel would not want to water down the impact of his death with other characters biting the bullet. The renewed interest in Thor essentially confirms that he’ll stick around, and instead of killing Steve Rogers, the video says that he will probably just retire, and that Bucky ‘will pick up Captain America’s shield’. Also, ‘Shuri will be the next Iron Man,’ provided they ‘de-power’ her to an extent.

The video predicts that Tony will die a heroic death, probably saving Peter Parker, to whom he acts as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Uncle Ben.

The rest of the characters, the video says, are probably inside the soul stone or the soul world. The host backs this up by bringing up the similar structure that we saw in Thanos and Gamora’s flashback and the strange bloody world Thanos woke up in after acquiring the soul stone by sacrificing Gamora.

Another point worth mentioning is that of all the major Avengers actors, Robert Downey Jr is the only one to have announced several big-time upcoming projects. He is currently filming a new version of Doctor Doolittle - intended to kick off a new franchise - and he also recently announced that he would be reprising his role as Sherlock Holmes for the third time.

There has been no shortage of fan theories predicting the plot of Avengers 4 on the internet. But we’ll have to wait till May 2019 to find out. The fourth Avengers movie is currently undergoing a final round of filming, before heading into the worldwide promotional tour towards the start of 2019.

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First Published: Sep 09, 2018 18:40:16


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