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New Avengers 4 theory suggests Iron Man will make a sacrifice that will rip your heart out

A new theory about Avengers 4 suggests that Tony Stark will have to make a huge sacrifice to bring back his friends to life.

Updated: Sep 12, 2018 21:27:16

By HT Correspondent

Pepper Potts and Tony Stark could make a huge sacrifice in Avengers 4.

All great things demand a sacrifice as does the upcoming fourth Avengers movie. A new fan theory suggests that one of our favourite superheroes in the movie will have to make a sacrifice so cruel, it will leave fans weeping for days.

After the events of Avengers: Infinity War—in which villain Thanos snaps his fingers and vaporises half the universe’s population and half the superheroes—the remaining heroes will be in desperate need of a miracle. While the earlier theories have suggested that time travel will indeed play an important role in bringing the heroes back to life, a new theory reveals how it will also come at a huge price.

A theory posted by Redditor Pluralizes says that to bring his friends and colleagues back, Tony Stark will have to make the most harrowing sacrifice of them all. It has already been suggested by several fan theories that a few years would have passed between the events of Infinity War and Avengers 4. Robert Downey Jr’s grey hair and Scarlett Johansson’s longer hair from sets pics do hint at it quite strongly.


In the time that has passed, Tony and Pepper Potts have gotten married and became parents to a son. Ant Man enters their lives with a way to turn back time and bring the dead heroes back. However, when Tony is really close to his goal, he will be told that bringing back his friend would mess up his own timeline and it could mean he would never see his baby again. Read the theory here:

Avengers 4 will very likely take place in the future, at least for the first act. Evidence is piling up like an older Cassie Lang casting, grey haired Tony, Black Widow’s hair in the promo art being much longer than in IW (that is at least two years of hair growth), etc.

There has been a casting call for a baby with dark hair. It is listed as a special role. Most likely Tony and Pepper’s son.


Post Infinity War, Tony has settled down with Pepper and they have a son. Soon thereafter, Ant-Man shows up and time travel is introduced, so now Tony hatches a plan to reverse the snap... However, this means forfeiting the current timeline where he has his son.

After they arrive on Vormir with direction from Nebula, they will be told a sacrifice needs to be made. It was introduced Red Skull can see everyone’s soul as the Stonekeeper when he addressed Thanos as “Son of Alars”, so it is possible he will peer into Tony’s soul and learn he is in a harrowing quandary: sacrificing the timeline where he has his son to save half the universe. As the Stonekeeper explains this, a tear rolls down Tony’s cheek.

Maybe this will qualify as a sufficient sacrifice to claim the soul stone?

A comment on the post pours more salt on the wound by saying that Tony would have named his son Peter in memory of Spider-Man Peter Parker who died in his arms at the end of Infinity War. “Ah damn and they’re going to name the baby “Peter”. He’ll have to lose him twice,” he wrote in his comment. Wonder if Marvel could be cruel enough to do that.

Avengers 4 is currently undergoing a final round of filming. It will release in May 2019.

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First Published: Sep 12, 2018 21:27:00


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