HDFC bank executive’s murder: What happened, how the case unfolded

The vice president of the HDFC bank probably resisted the robbery attempt and was stabbed by 20-year-old Sarfaraz Shaikh, says police.

Updated: Sep 11, 2018 10:44:04

By HT Correspondent

Siddharth Sanghvi, an HDFC bank executive, was killed in the parking lot of Kamala Mills compound, Mumbai, on September 5, in a case of robbery attempt gone wrong. (HT Photo )

The murder of 39-year-old HDFC bank executive Siddharth Sanghvi, who was allegedly killed by a cabbie in the parking lot of his office in Mumbai’s Lower Parel on September 5, was a victim of a robbery attempt gone wrong, say police.

The vice president of the HDFC bank probably resisted the robbery attempt and was stabbed by 20-year-old Sarfaraz Shaikh, says police.

Based on police statement and the ‘confessions’ of the accused, here’s what happened on the night of September 5 and thereafter.

1. Sanghvi, a vice president at HDFC Bank, was last seen on September 5, when he left office at 7.30pm.

2· First call made from home at 8.30 pm to his mobile was disconnected. Thererafter, the phone was switched off.

3· His wife filed a missing person complaint the same night when he didn’t return home or take phone calls.

4· According to Mumbai police, Shaikh was waiting in the parking lot to rob Sanghvi.

5· When Sanghvi resisted, Shaikh attacked him and slit his throat because he had ‘raised his voice’.

6· Shaikh also stabbed Sanghvi multiple times and then stuffed the executive’s body into the leg-space area of the back seat, police said.

7· CCTV footage from the parking lot showed the car being driven out at 11.20 pm.

The spot at Haji Malang in Kalyan where police found Sanghvi’s bodyon Monday, after questioning the accused Sarfaraz Shaikh. ( HT Photo )

8· Shaikh then drove the car to Navi Mumbai, where he lives. Before going to his residence, Shaikh first dumped Sanghvi’s body at near Kalyan and then abandoned the car.

9· He kept Sanghvi’s phone, which led to him being caught.

10· On September 6, the police found Sanghvi’s car and a knife, which the police believe is the murder weapon. The back seat of the car had blood stains.

11· Two days later on September 8, using Sanghvi’s phone with a different SIM card, Shaikh called the bank executive’s father.

12· Shaikh told him that Sanghvi was fine and that the family should wait for the next phone call. Sanghvi’s father reported the call to the police.

13· This helped the police track him down and he was arrested on September 9.

14· On September 10, after searching the location given by Shaikh during his questioning, the police found Sanghvi’s body.

15· According to the police, Shaikh confessed to attempting to rob Sanghvi and killing him when Sanghvi refused to give Shaikh the money he had asked for.

16· Shaikh said he needed money to pay monthly instalments on a motor bike he had purchased and according to the police he chose to commit the crime in the parking lot because he knew there wouldn’t be a security guard at that spot.

17· Shaikh is in police custody till September 19.

First Published: Sep 11, 2018 10:40:44


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