Photos: Hampi, Newtown mirror India’s past and present in photo exhibition

Updated: Aug 22, 2018 12:35 IST

A view of Hampi’s ruins, photographed by Rajib De. The exhibition, ‘A Tale of Two Cities: Hampi and Newtown’ is a visual study of urban memory and is on view at the India International Centre in New Delhi on August 10. (Rajib De)

Today Hampi lies silent and deserted in the wake of its own departed magnificence. At the same time, new cities are rising out of the rural soil. One of these, eponymously called Newtown, is waking into being in another part of India. (Rajib De)

This exhibition of photographs by Rajib De provides the visual binary of a great Indian city (Hampi) of the sleeping past and a future city waking into shape. No city is an isolated island in the stream of history. (Rajib De)

There is a human connection between the splendour of Hampi in its medieval glory, and the new polis rising out of the fertile ploughed stretches and playfields of rural children in nascent Newtown today. (Rajib De)

As opposed to the historic grandeur of Hampi, in Newtown, one witnesses the emergence of the forces of change – with a phalanx of distant buildings gaining upon the virgin soil. (Rajib De)

A large boulder sits amid the ruins in Hampi. The Hasselblad palette of these exquisite black and white photographs is made up of visual octaves through the many subtle shades that lie between black and white, stillness and movement. (Rajib De)

The contrast -- and the nexus – of the two sets of panoramic photographs from Hampi and Newtown make for a thought-provoking connection across the ages. (Rajib De)

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