Photos: Asian Games medallist goes back to selling tea in Delhi

Updated: Sep 08, 2018 12:54 IST

The Indian contingent finished the 2018 Asian Games with its best ever display, clinching 69 medals which included 15 gold wins. Among the winners was Harish Kumar, who won bronze in Sepak takraw (kick volleyball). Back from the games, Harish has resumed his day job at his father’s tea stall in Delhi’s Majnu ka Tilla. (Vipin Kumar / HT Photo)

Harish said that he was introduced to Sepak takraw back in 2011 when his coach Hemraj spotted him playing with a tyre and introduced him to the Sports Authority of India. This traditional sport of Southeast Asia has teams of three use their feet, head, knees and chest to hit wicker or plastic balls across the net. Players aren’t allowed to use their hands. (Vipin Kumar / HT Photo)

Harish Kumar plays with a ball at his home in Delhi’s Majnu ka Tilla. It has been a struggle since that first introduction to the sport for Harish’s family to meet their daily needs and keep up with training costs, but his mother (C, background) is thankful to the government for providing food and shelter to her son during the preparation period. (Vipin Kumar / HT Photo)

Harish with his family members at their home. Some aid came in the form of a sponsorship for Harish’s training from the Sports Authority of India and their assistance in monthly finances along with providing sports kits. (Vipin Kumar / HT Photo)

Despite the odds against him, Harish’s performance as part of India’s Sepak takraw squad brought India its first medal in the sport. Since his return from Indonesia, work has resumed with sights set on further sporting laurels. Harish’s only urge to the government is for a job that would help put his mind at rest about supporting his family. (Vipin Kumar / HT Photo)

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