Photos: Free Run Gaza hop, flip and scale through Delhi on a parkour tour

Updated: Apr 06, 2018 12:17 IST

Uday Al Ajramy scales up a wall at the Lodhi Gardens in New Delhi. Parkour and free running, adapted from military obstacle courses, run on the philosophy of finding one’s own way through complex urban environments with speed and efficiency. Free Run Gaza are among the Middle East’s leading practitioners of this urban sport and its most famous Palestinian export. (Burhaan Kinu / HT Photo)

Passers-by look on as Mohammed Al Hendi does a headstand at Raj Path. The group found regional fame with its appearances on Arabs Got Talent, a variant of the American talent reality show and is now based out of Jordan after difficulties with Palestinian border closures made representing their country in parkour and free running tournaments difficult. (Burhaan Kinu / HT Photo)

Al Hendi ties a chequered black and white keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. Through their appearances in international contests, Free Run Gaza aim to further awareness of the Palestinian cause through non-violent means and hoped to share their message of pushing on in the face of adversity during this visit to India. (Burhaan Kinu / HT Photo)

As much as an art form as it is an athletic discipline, parkour with its running, scaling of obstacles and constant motion is an activity free from violence and religious or political factionalism. Runners in Palestine for instance, have developed routines even in the rubbled Khan Younis ruins after the 2014 Gaza bombardments. (Burhaan Kinu / HT Photo)

Travelling around Jaipur, Rishikesh and Delhi shooting videos for their fans back home, group members said this trip to India, a place the runners say they admire for its stand towards justice, was fruitful. (Burhaan Kinu / HT Photo)

As parkour and free running grows popular among Palestinian youth practicing out in the open or by the Gaza Strip’s beaches, Mohamed and Uday hope proper facilities for young enthusiasts, something like a club with indoor obstacle courses becomes a reality allowing emerging talent to compete with the best. (Burhaan Kinu / HT Photo)

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