PHOTOS: 5 UNESCO Cultural Sites around the world to visit

Updated: Sep 06, 2018 13:32 IST

Old Havana in Cuba is dotted with mansions, plazas, vintage cars and salsa on the streets. Here are some of the other UNESCO cultural sites that you need to visit around the world. (Unsplash )

Valletta is the capital of Malta and is perched on a hill between two natural harbours. It includes a dense concentration of historic monuments. (UNSPLASH)

Prague boasts of an Old Town with cobbled streets, a 600-year-old astronomical clock, a castle dating back to the 9th century and a 14th century bridge. (Unsplash)

At Petra, the famous archeological site in Jordan, you can explore the historic temples, mausoleums, and monasteries. (Unsplash)

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