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Arti Singh on Krushna Abhishek playing down attempted rape on her: ‘Normal reaction of a brother, he’s upset as I am yet to get married’

Bigg Boss 13 finalist Arti Singh said she was very aggressive in the Bigg Boss house in her own way but did not cross a level.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020 10:13 IST

By Ruchi Kaushal, Hindustan Times New Delhi

Arti Singh with her brother Krushna Abhishek.

Arti Singh, one of the six finalists on Bigg Boss 13, is happy with her performance on the show and claims to have come out of the house as a better version of herself. The television actor was praised for maintaining her dignity in the Bigg Boss house and not being part of any group.

Arti is the sister of comedian Krushna Abhishek and had opened up on the show about an attempt of rape on her at her home when she was growing up. Krushna, in an interview ahead of Bigg Boss 13 finale, had played down Arti’s allegations, saying that there was no rape attempt on his sister but ‘it was about to happen but the man ran away’.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Arti has now said that Krushna is a ‘protective brother’ and didn’t want her to reveal too much about a past incident. Excerpts:

Have you come out of the house as a better version of yourself?

Yes, I have come out as a very confident person. I have learnt a very big lesson -- never reveal your weakness to anyone other than your parents, siblings or few close friends. No one will support you and will try to pull you down instead. Don’t be so real that people can see through you.

Arti Singh (centre) with her brother Krushna Abhishek and her mother (right).

You have said that your worst memory on the show was your inability to control your panic attacks.

I understood later that it was ok to talk about it but earlier, I wished I could have controlled it. I shouldn’t have shown my weak side. I was myself scarred how people in the house would perceive me after that.

Krushna Abhishek recently claimed that that you didn’t face a rape attempt and said it in flow.

Krushna is my brother. My brother and my mother are upset because I am yet to get married. He did not say it didn’t happen, he said that I said a bit too much in flow. He was of the view that I should have spoken only 3 lines, what was the need for 10 lines. This is a normal reaction of a brother. Do you know how upset my mother was that why did I talk about it when it was over! I told my mom, ‘we also have a responsibility towards the society, there are many kids who do not find the courage to talk about it’.

Sometimes a house catches fire. People say, ‘haaye aaga lag gai, chalo atleast andar koi tha to nahi, aise to 10 ghar kurbaan. We are safe. (the house was on fire but atleast no one was inside. We are safe).’

What Krushna meant was atleast I was safe, nothing happened. For him it is nothing because I was safe. He will want me to cut it short, he wouldn’t want me to talk about it so much. He wasn’t proving me wrong and said it in a protective streak.

Arti Singh with Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill present a dance performance during Bigg Boss 13 finale.

Are you happy your friend Sidharth won the show?

Sidharth deservd to win and I knew he will win. His fan following is on another level. I am no one to say he didn’t deserve to win. We must decide about ourselves before commenting on someone else.

Kashmera said after her exit from the house that she even took shagun for Sidharth in case you expressed your liking for him.

Kashmera is very wise and did not talk to me about it after she understood my decision. She knows me that if I have said no, it’s a no. Nothing like that is ever going to happen.

This season was in news for the aggression showed by the contestants in the house. Sidharth was called the most aggressive contestant.

Sidharth is aggressive. Asim is also aggressive. People are talking about what they have seen. I was the most aggressive among women. Rani Mukerji had also said it when she had entered the house. I am aggressive but in my own way, I do not cross the line.

Arti Singh on Bigg Boss 13.

You said one must not cross the limits. You yourself had to cut your hair for a task. Kashmera Shah had scolded Vishal Aditya Singh for crossing the limit by asking you to cut your hair.

I did it because I didn’t want to look weak. I had said I would do the task and didn’t want to ask for mercy. I did it because I had said it. I was even ready to bleach my eyebrows. I am not weak, these people (Bigg Boss contestants) undermined me by calling me weak.

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Salman Khan called you an independent player on the show. What was your strategy in the house?

My strategy was that since it was a reality show, be real. I just wanted to be real. Everyone asked me to nominate Madhurima as they called her weak. I said ‘how do you know she is weak?’ I was playing so bad initially that I would have been evicted in the first week. But God sent a saviour for me in form of Sidharth who saved me from eviction. Madhurima was standing in the same position after two months. I had said ‘when God gave me one chance, I also need to give her one chance’. I have played it from my heart till the end.

Besides Rashami and Sidharth, have you made any more friends in the house?

Shefali Zariwala will always be my friend. Mahira Sharma is also sweet.

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