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Bigg Boss 13: 5 reasons why Asim Riaz should not win the Salman Khan show

As Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 13 draws to a close, six contestants have made it to the final, with Asim Riaz being one of the them. Here’s why he should not win the game.

Updated: Feb 15, 2020, 18:18 IST

By HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times

Asim Riaz is one of the finalist on Colors’ Bigg Boss 13.

After running for nearly five months (September 2019), the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss 13 will finally wrap up on February 15. The show has six finalists — Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Gill, Asim Riaz, Paras Chhabra, Rashami Desai and Arti Singh.

All the participants have had their share of ups and downs throughout the show -- we have witnessed lasting friendships, friends turning foes, love blossoming in the house, crazy fights and emotional breakdowns. Among the most talked about equations (or may be the lack of it) have been between Sidharth and Asim.

Here are five reasons why Asim Riaz should not win the show.

1) Sidharth and Asim’s ugly fights

One of the most consistent threads in this season of Bigg Boss has been the fights between Sidharth and Asim. Both hot heads and aggressive by nature, the two have come to near blows a number of times. To cite an example, in late January, host Salman Khan was so tired with the constant fights between the two that he declared he would open the gates of the Bigg Boss house and the two could step out to fight. The outburst came after the two threatened each other to meet outside the Bigg Boss house.

He said, “Sidharth and Asim have been continuing for the last 17 weeks asking each other to meet outside the house. Violence is not allowed inside this house. But it’s allowed outside the house. So, I will open the gate. Go outside and beat each other up with full satisfaction. Then return to the house, if you are in a condition to return.”

He told them, “Put your money where your mouth is. Bigg Boss, ghar ke 2 macho men ke liye darwaza kholo.. inko ladna hai (Please open the gates of the house for these two macho men, they want to fight),” Salman added. Sidharth was seen getting up and walking ahead saying, “Okay, I am ready and going.”

2) Asim’s abusive behaviour with Sidharth

While fights are a constant inside the Bigg Boss house, particularly between Sidharth and Asim, what is noteworthy is that both have different styles. While Sidharth is mostly aggressive, Asim is mostly abusive by nature. In fact, most of his barbs and foul language have been reserved for Sidharth.


In one of their infamous fights, Asim called Sidharth ‘gutter’ and asked him to lick his boots. After Asim’s ‘gutter’ remark, Sidharth tauntingly replied that he was like clean water, but got dirty after coming in contact with a gutter (referring to Asim). Asim then took off his shoe and said, “Chaat le isko! (Lick this!)” It is not as if Sidharth would not respond, but Asim, it appears, initiated the use of foul language.

3) Asim Riaz and accusations of having lied about his past relationship

One of the sweetest moments in Bigg Boss 13 has been the relationship between Asim and Himanshi Khurana. While his equation with many contestants has bordered on being troublesome, with Himanshi it was pitch perfect. He even proposed to her and she reportedly accepted it. However, there has been one point of contention -- has he been honest with her?

Around the time, it came out in the open that the two indeed shared something special, last year’s Bigg Boss 13 contestant and this season’s guest contestant, Vikas Gupta, revealed that Asim had been lying all along and that he had a girlfriend outside. The girl’s name -- Shruti Tuli. Vikas had even shared a video in which Asim had confessed to having a girlfriend outside the house.


The claim had raised a stinker with Asim’s brother Umar who accused Vikas of wanting to defame his brother (Vikas is reportedly close to Sidharth and counts him as his friend). The girl in question too, in an interview, had said that her equation with Asim was ‘more than a friendship’ but they were never together.

A press conference was held inside the house where Asim was grilled about whether or not he had been lying about Shruti Tuli. Asim has claimed he had broken off before entering the Bigg Boss house.

4) Asim’s inappropriate behaviour with Shefali Jariwala

As with Sidharth, Asim started out being friends with Shefali Jariwala but, somewhere down the line, matters soured between them. So much so that after getting evicted and then returning on the show as a guest, Shefali was seen taunting Asim and he getting back to her with anger.

But what was the genesis? Reportedly, Shefali, who is married to Parag Tyagi, accused Asim of hitting on her, a charge that Asim vehemently denies. In a Times of India report, she had said, “Asim did hit on me initially. It wasn’t direct but everyone in the house had sensed it. However, I made it clear to him that I am much older, married woman, and I am not interested. That’s when he shifted his focus to Himanshi, who too, didn’t give him attention back then.”

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5) Is Asim a job shirker, faking injury but attending gym?

One of the consistent point of contention between contestants is refusing to do assigned duties, particularly cleaning jobs. Some time in December last year, matters had come to such a head that Salman Khan had entered the house and cleaned dirty utensils and cleaned toilets. One of those who refused duties was Asim. One such an incident had happened during the captaincy of Shehnaaz when the kitchen area was full of dirty utensils and toilets unclean.

One of those episodes had seen a pitched war of words between Paras Chhabra and Sidharth on one side and Asim on the other, with the latter saying he wasn’t doing the assigned job owing to an injury. Paras has screamed at him, wanting to know how was it that Asim could do his gym routines despite injury but not do his assigned jobs? It had led to ugly and pitched fights between the two groups, with Shehnaz trying her best to shout them both down.

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